Good2Learn is delighted to have worked with Malet Lambert School in Hull to improve performance using targeted intervention and to lend support for academic resilience throughout and since the lockdown.

The school adopted Good2Learn in 2020 and has reported a significant reduction in teacher workload and an impressive 18.5% improvement in English and 21% in Maths with an intervention group.

Malet Lambert School is a popular and heavily oversubscribed secondary school in the east of the City of Hull. It has an average of 30 pupils per class, with 24% being pupil premium children. Before COVID-19, the school partnered with Good2Learn as a digital platform to support Literacy and Numeracy intervention. With the lockdown meaning a move to online learning, the platform was used across the school and home to support several pupils, including SEND, PP, FSM, and LAC.

Scott Bennett, Whole School Literacy Co-ordinator and English Teacher, commented: “Good2Learn has helped our pupils develop resilience and confidence in their Literacy and Numeracy motivation and understanding. It has been a pleasure working with Good2Learn; we are delighted with the excellent service and support provided. The platform’s positive impact for both staff and pupils has been noticeable”.

Paul Mandalia, CEO of Good2Learn, commented, “Good2Learn differs from other platforms in that it gives teachers the autonomy to guide pupils to specific units of work or allow them to manage their development. We have been told that the pupils using the platform at Malet Lambert enjoy it, and in particular the instantaneous feedback they receive after completing lessons”.

Qualified subject specialists have written all Good2Learn lessons. The platform includes a robust back-office facility including live monitoring to support in-class and remote learning and detailed data that can be used to evidence impact and support with Ofsted inspection. To date, around 300,000 lessons have been completed in Good2Learn, and the organisation continues to grow its list of School users and positive impact.

All schools in the UK are eligible for a free trial of Good2Learn’s award-winning solution.

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