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June 15, 2021|

As parents, we naturally want the best for our children and to equip them with the tools they need to succeed through school and beyond. As children are unique and learn at their own [...]

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Getting Your Child Started with G2L

December 15, 2021|

A question we are often asked by parents enrolling their child onto the Good2Learn platform is, “Where do I get them to start?" With over a hundred lessons to choose from, this is a [...]

  • girl reading a text

Reading with Prosody

November 15, 2021|

I once sent my sister a text saying, “Good for you” in response to her text telling me that she was taking some holiday time and going away for the week. My reply was [...]

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Similes and Metaphors

October 8, 2021|

Within Key stage 2 English, your child will be introduced to Figurative Language. This will add a new dimension to their writing and give them the tools they need to do more than just [...]

  • Back to school

Back to School Anxiety

September 21, 2021|

After dusting off the school bags and getting back to sensible sleeping patterns, we’re back to school routine! Many children felt positive about their return and were excited to see friends again, but some [...]

  • Helping with Homework

Summer Brain Drain

August 15, 2021|

As schools around the world break up for Summer and the holidays stretch out before us, we all deserve our downtime after this crazy school year. Bike rides, park visits and play-dates with friends are an [...]

  • grammar

English Grammar

July 26, 2021|

It’s been a long time since I sat in a classroom but I really can’t remember being taught English grammar. This is because government policy at the time was not to teach it, and so parents [...]