Around the world, almost all countries, cultures and religions celebrate the start of a new year, whether that’s on the stroke of midnight on 31st December, signalling the transition from one year to the next, or at other times. And for most people, the end of the old year is a time for reflection with the New Year bringing hope and optimism.

For many students, however, the New Year and new school term brings the reality of upcoming exams to the forefront of their minds. In England, with the End of Key Stage 2 SATs, GCSEs and A levels all starting in May, students will spend much of the spring term making final preparations for these exams.

It is important that students prepare but it is also important that they do not place too much pressure on themselves. At this time, more than ever, they need reassurance that they are on the right track and have feedback that tells them how much they already know and where, if any, there are areas of learning that need a little more work.

There is no pressure with Good2Learn. Lessons are short and students can watch the lessons as often as they need to. Watching our lessons and completing the quizzes can support student revision and provide them with not only practice exercises but also with instant feedback acknowledging their strengths and providing support where needed in short but relevant learning sessions.

We wish all our Good2Learn students and parents a Very Happy New Year.

The Good2Learn team.

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