As schools around the world break up for Summer and the holidays stretch out before us, we all deserve our downtime after this crazy school year. Bike rides, park visits and play-dates with friends are an essential part of childhood but it’s also important to keep minds actively learning to avoid ‘Brain Drain’.  

In the summer holidays, studies show that children can forget up to a third of what they have learned throughout the academic year! Here’s where Good2Learn can help: First of all, you can use Good2Learn anywhere you can access the internet. We know of some children who have watched lessons and completed exercises on a beach!   

Summer learning shouldn’t have any pressure attached. It’s the holidays, so a laid back approach, perhaps with some fun rewards or incentives could be a great way to keep up momentum. Let your child revisit subjects they particularly enjoyed so they can try to beat or maintain previous scores. They may wish to concentrate on a topic they found particularly difficult in school, which would allow them to return to the classroom with a boost in self confidence and a feeling of accomplishment.  

Like anything, if you stop doing it for a period of time, it’s harder to get back to it. Keeping your child’s learning on track over the Summer will help them confidently hit the ground running and jumping through the school gates on the first day of Autumn term. 

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