A question we are often asked by parents enrolling their child onto the Good2Learn platform is, “Where do I get them to start?” With over a hundred lessons to choose from, this is a really good question. Here are my three suggested starting points.

The first option is to decide, with your child, whether they would prefer to do an English lesson or a maths lesson. Don’t worry if your child chooses the subject they are strongest in; to begin with, it is important that your child experiences a good level of success. 

Once you have decided on the subject, show your child the list of lessons and ask them what they would like to watch first. Again, don’t worry if they opt for an easy lesson, success builds confidence. Once a few successes have been achieved, encourage your child to try the other subject and to choose something a little more challenging.

A second starting point would be for your child to find a lesson that covers something that they are being taught at school. This will help you to find out how well they are doing with the current topic and provide your child with additional practice that will build their confidence.

Finally, if your child needs more repetition in order to understand new concepts, as well as ‘revisiting’ previously taught material, you could look on the school website or ask your child’s teacher what is being taught next. Encouraging your child to watch a lesson on that topic will give them an understanding of the topic before it is taught in school. This can be a real confidence booster and enable your child to make more progress in the lesson at school.

Pick your starting point, dive in and watch your child enjoy the learning and make progress on the Good2Learn platform. And remember, we’re always here to help. If you have any questions, please send us a message at hello@good2learn.com or through your Parent Dashboard.

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